Radical Resurgence of Diver Watches in the Asian Region


With the ever increasing popularity in the diving arena recently, watch-makers too have increased their attention in providing the best-in-class watches for these professionals, enthusiasts and/or novice divers. Originally, diver watches were solely designed to fulfil a purpose. It was to ensure that divers were reminded of when to get back up to the water surface in time when no diver computers existed. Back then, a diver’s watch was not considered collectable, but this soon has changed. It now seemed that there have been a shift in viewpoint that these types of watches are considerably more in vogue and thus collected among admirers; be it among the professional or non-professionals. Amongst many others, one of the reputable and reliable brands across Asia includes the Japanese Citizen.



Japanese Citizen Watchmaking Brief

The Japanese Citizen watchmaking history dates back to 1918. Fellow watchmakers in the company held the belief that “Better Starts Now”. This tagline explicitly conveys a message that “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better, and now is the time to start doing it”. What makes the brand exquisite is that they have been exploring the possibilities in improving watch-making from utilising light powered Eco-Drive technology to satellite-synchronised timekeeping system (Satellite Wave). The company operates in more than 100 countries around the world with a comprehensive manufacturing process that encompasses from the creation of the watch’s individual components to its final assembly.


The Diver’s Aficionado, The Fugu

The all new Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver 200M NY009 series is an eye-candy for any diver enthusiast. The watch specifically design inspired by the pufferfish, or in Japanese “Fugu”. The first founding history of these types of watches dates back to 1959. This was when the first Japanese-made water resistance mechanical watches were built. They were known as “Parawater”. Ultimately, fugu models were developed and introduced in 1993 in the Citizen-watch history.


The Citizen Promaster Fugu series (successors of NY004) begin in 2018, it started off with the NY008 series. The new release models, the NY009 series have similar characteristics, but with more interesting takes to the rendition of the watches. With limited edition offerings only found in the South East Asian market, the NY009 series welcomes an exclusive and restful green colour dial and bezel version. Only releasing 1,989 (the year the Promaster was introduced) pieces to the market. The watch numerical numberings are scored at the back of the case.



Few key characteristics of the watch are the left hand crown position at 8 which is designed to prevent unintentional knocks, while improving the comfortability and ergonomics of the watch bearer. Its distinctive bezels, which are classified into alternating smooth and serrated edges provides an excellent grip for usage even under a heavy thick glove. The watch has a capacity of approximately 40 hours of power reserve as well as a hand-winding capability. Besides, the 200 meters of water resistance is sustainable for hard water situations. The NY009 comes with an option of a metal bracelet, opting this would provide a more convenient and security when putting on and taking off the watch. The metal bracelet showcases a rugged look to the watches, fitting well with their ability to accompany their owners on all types of terrains.



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