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RX8 PRO+ SUBMARINER (Covers 80% of the watch)


RX8 PRO+ SUBMARINER (Covers 80% of the watch)

RM699.00 MYR

About RX-8 Luxury Shields

After years of research & development and technology breakthrough, RX-8 REVOLUTIONARY protective film is of IMPECCABLE quality and has surpassed anything you have seen before!!!

RX-8 is made from multi-layered TPU film (Thermoplastic Polyurethene), a material used in the aerospace and biomedical industry.  

RX-8 also comes with 12 months WARRANTY so you have 100% peace of mind and will not be disappointed!

Strengths of RX-8 Luxury Shields

1) 100% high translucent
2) Self-healing function
3) Super scratch and abrasion resistant
4) Seawater corrosion resistance
6) Non-toxic, material used in biomedical production
7) High temperature resistance
8) Laser precision cut so not easy to get caught and turn over
9) No residue glue after stripping

Why Shield Your Watch?

- Protect your watch resale value 

- A polish in shops cost between RM600 to 900 upwards

- And loses metal and shape when done