The Most Influential & Iconic German Watch Design - Junghans MaxBill Automatic Watch Review


When we think of iconic German watches, we think of A.Lange & Sohne, Sinn, Nomos or Glashutte Original among many others. But before all of them there was Junghans and the watch they are most famous for is also the most imitated but least appreciated watch of all German watches. We are of course talking ababout Max Bill collection designed by the legendary Artist himself back in the early 60s. The video, by The  Urban Gentry, review the unique and highly influential watch, a brief history of the legendary Swiss Designer and discuss why his favorite of the Max Bill collection is the automatic no date version (ref. 027/3401.00)

Infinitely stylish, timeless in elegance, a watch truly for the cultured and sophisticated. Nobody can deny the horological and design importance of the Max Bill watches from Junghans.


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