The LATEST Junghans Black PVD Bauhaus SPECIAL Edition - 27/4308.02


At Junghans, the time is timeless. Since the 1950s, this traditional brand from Germany’s Black Forest has also made watches that represent the purist aesthetic and Bauhaus-based concept of architect, artist, and designer Max Bill (1908-1994). With the new max bill Automatic Bauhaus in black, Junghans interprets a classic watch in a new, modern look without touching the clean base concept conceived by the Bauhaus disciple. This new watch is a typical Max Bill, but still completely different.

Modern Understatement.

When a social engagement demands reserved elegance, women often choose to wear the famed “little black dress,” while men might don a tuxedo. This attire imparts genuine seriousness, and the non-colors black and white emphasize shape while simultaneously not distracting from substance. For this reason, black, white, and the grey hues found between them are entirely characteristic of Bauhaus.


Beholden to Bauhaus

A splash of color may however come into play. This shows up in wardrobes in subtle accessories of color, in Bauhaus architecture in the red door showing the visitor where to enter, and the new Max Bill. This watch’s appearance is characterized by a black PVD-coated stainless steel case and a matte black dial with steel-grey hour markers. The hands subtly accentuate the design with their luminous red paint. The printing under the crystal covering the case back also proudly demonstrates this watch’s affiliation with the Bauhaus line, while a partial view of the movement is afforded through the transparent case back designed to resemble a Bauhaus structure.

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